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Welcome Letter

Person-Centered Care at Home

Everyone knows the old saying ďHome is where the heart isĒ. It is also the best place to heal. It is the best place to live with comfort and dignity. There are many aspects to wellness. Wellness is dependent not only on the personís medical needs, but the personís spirit, their support system, their environment, and their community. People recover and are at their best at home, with their creature comforts, and their loved ones by their side.

What sets our home care agency apart from the rest is that we are true to our mission. We believe that it is a personís fundamental right to make choices about their health care, including choosing to live at home. Our clients have a voice in the decisions about the care they will receive. Our agency can provide immediate access to a variety of services to assist people with disabilities live fulfilling lives. Our employees are trained to provide quality services in your home, and are sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities, people with traumatic brain injury, and older Americans who need our assistance. We take a client-centered approach to care. We put the clientís personal needs and choices first.

Independent Home Care is best suited to meet your home care needs because it is founded on the premise of forming a barrier free society for people with disabilities. Thereís no better place to find qualified and compassionate staff to provide your care in your home of choice. Our close relationship with our sister organization Independent Living, Inc., enables us to offer many services that other organizations arenít able to provide. Too often consumers say they didnít know there was such an array of support services for them to benefit from. Let us help you find services that will enable you to continue living independently in your community of choice.

Thank you for choosing Independent Home Care. Itís a privilege to be a part of your wellness.